Meet The Team

Hala Khalek (London, UK, Partner), the Executive Director and majority owner of Oxbridge Researchers Ltd., holds multiple graduate and undergraduate degrees in various fields. An avid reader and prolific writer, she brings 15 years of professional experience to the company. Hala launched The Essayist network with the firm conviction that the services which legitimate companies in the model, custom-academic writing industry provide are very important. As far as students everywhere are concerned, the academic services offered by The Essayist are invaluable to the realisation of their academic potential. Following the identification of several key areas where students need help if, indeed, they are to become all that they can be, Hala and her business partners structured The Essayist network in response to these areas. It is, thus, that The Essayist has evolved into a one-stop academic help centre, capable of providing students with the help they need, at any academic level and in practically all fields of study.

Andre Nader (Sydney, Australia,  Partner)  is Oxbridge Researchers Ltd. ‘s Deputy Director and IT Director.   Andre is one of the most difficult of the team members to introduce. It is difficult to introduce Andre because one would not know where to start. Apart from being a successful businessman in his native Sydney, Australia, operating Naderco Solutions, Andre is the genius behind Oxbridge Researchers’ websites. Along with his technical team, Andre is responsible for the rather complex design of ukessayist. com and the even more complex programming embedded within. Oxbridge Researchers has quite a lot to thank Andre for since, besides this website, he is involved in designing several more for Oxbridge Researchers. Andre and Naderco Solutions are responsible for all technical aspects of our business and without him, Oxbridge Researchers would have been much poorer. As our General Manager he is a source of invaluable guidance and advice and, we, at the company, consider ourselves lucky to have him as a Board Member and Shareholder.

Shayne Aldridge, Esq., (Illinois, USA, Partner)   Company Secretary and General Consul, is responsible for Oxbridge Researchers’ structural and organizational compliance with the law, in three different countries. In addition to his Law Degree, Shayne has two Master’s Degrees in Education and Teaching, and an Advanced Degree in Educational Administration and School Business. Shayne has been in full-time practice of law representing school districts and other educational entities for 15 years. A teacher at heart, he is an adjunct professor teaching School Law at the University of Illinois at Springfield. Shayne is heavily involved in the public policy process at the State and National levels. A published author and frequent article writer, Shayne has a keen eye for taking a dry subject and making it interesting.

James R. Robbins III (Texas, USA, Partner)  serves as the Director of our Academic Writing and Services Division (The Essayist network). James’ academic qualifications are truly impressive and his passion for academia and learning, remarkable. He holds a Juris Doctorate as well as degrees in Economics, Nursing, MIS and English. Not only is James one of the best researcher-writers the company boasts but has also been published. As he is one of the best writers on staff, he can be a hard, although unfailingly fair, taskmaster. With James, the best can always be better and excellence is the norm. We, at Oxbridge Researchers Ltd., know that James has all that is needed to take the Academic Writing and Service Division to the very top.

Kamal Hamed (Ryadh, KSA, Partner), Chief Financial Officer, has a highly impressive resume. A proud father of two, Kamal holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration. With over 15 years of professional experience under his belt, Kamal has been employed as a business and IT consultant at several multinational firms. He currently holds the position of Chief Information Officer in the Saudi Arabian division of a major multinational corporation. More importantly, Kamal is a team player and a highly conscientious individual whose motto is”hard work pays.”

Elizabeth Painter (Pennsylvania, USA), Customer and Writer Support Manager, is an invaluable member of the Oxbridge Researcher team. Apart from extensive industry experience and an MFA in professional writing, Elizabeth is a very-well rounded individual with numerous interests. She has successfully operated her own business for years, holds a senior position at one of the US’ most reputable companies, plays the violin, and enjoys yoga, gardening and reading. More importantly, Elizabeth brings a very sharp mind and a heightened sense of fair play and business ethics to the table.

Our Right Write Team. We do not have hundreds upon hundreds of writers, but those which we have, have all been individually handpicked by management. Multiethnic and, in many cases, multilingual, all of our writers possess impeccable linguistic skills and academic qualifications which far surpass our customers’ requirements. We will never claim that all our writers are British and American as, while the vast majority is, the totality is not. What we can claim, however, is that they write English as natives and that they really can be counted as among the very best in the model essay writing, custom research, dissertation guidance and coursework industry. While the company values all members of the Oxbridge Researchers Ltd family, none are more valued than our writers. We are proud of each and every one of them and can assure customers that our writers will never deliver anything but completely satisfactory work.

Our Admin Team is responsible for manning our live chat portal, responding to customers’ messages and ensuring that writers maintain continued communication with their clients. All our Admin Team members were drawn from our top writers’ list because

  1. we wanted to ensure that current and prospective customers communicate with individuals who possess the academic qualifications and research/writing experience needed to respond to their questions
  2. believe in extending available, supplementary income-earning opportunities to the most valued members of The Essayist network: our Write Right Team.

Krishnendu Ghosh serves as Oxbridge Researcher Ltd’s in-house IT and web developer. His programming and graphics design expertise are really second to none. Krish runs his own company, Dreamztech and is, in his own right, a widely acclaimed developer/programmer. Hence, we at Oxbridge Researchers Ltd., consider ourselves very fortunate in having landed Krish as our in-house techie and, all the more so since he is available 24/7. His patience and good nature are always being tested by the rest of us non-techies and he has always passed with flying colours.

Well, he would have to have the patience of a saint to put up with, and even answer, the very silly tech questions we throw his way 24/7 (such as frantic late night SMS’s which hysterically claim that our website is inaccessible and has, therefore, probably collapsed – turned out that the frantic team member could not access the site as she was not connected to the internet!).